TX-DIR Contract

State of Texas Department of Information Resources (TX-DIR) Contract

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) was awarded a Cooperative Contract with the Texas DIR to provide deliverables-based information technology services (DBITS) to state and local government agencies and other eligible customers in Texas and outside the state.

Services offered

These services including anything related to IT procurement assistance for public safety communications such as:

  • Assistance developing a statement of work (SOW) and/or a request for offer (RFO) or request for proposal (RFP) for new technologies
  • New technology requirements gathering, developing scoring criteria or assistance with implementation
  • Completing a needs assessment for new technology
  • Strategic planning for new technology and systems

Why use MCP’s TX-DIR contract?

When using the TX-DIR contract instead of conventional procurement methods, clients will realize:

  • significant time savings as a result of MCP already completing the competitive procurement process required by the state’s vigorous approval process
  • the best value and terms for services and an outstanding client experience
  • a streamlined procurement process through pre-negotiated vehicles.

To learn more about the services included or to work with MCP using this contract, contact MCP’s representative or click here.

David F. Jones, ENP
Principal and Senior Vice President
Mission Critical Partners
Office: 888-862-7911

MCP’s Texas DIR contract number: DIR-TSO-3839

Customers are required to reference DIR contract number DIR-TSO-3839 when placing a purchase order.

Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts webpage