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MCP Lends Expertise to Implement and Manage Automatic License Plate Reader System in Southeastern PA

With MCP’s commitment and expertise, SEPARTF is able to operate a model ALPR program that makes the region a safer place.

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New EOC Facility Improves PEMA’s Operational and Administrative Capabilities

Learn more about how MCP helped the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency build a state-of-the-art, industry leading EOC facility under budget.

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MCP Helps South Carolina Solve Wireless Location Challenges

When these counties in South Carolina were experiencing a large volume of misrouted 911 calls, they turned to MCP to help them resolve their wireless location issues.

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MCP Helps San Francisco Define a Strategy for an Advanced Call-Handling Solution

With MCP’s guidance, San Francisco Department of Emergency Management implemented a new, state-of-the-art 911 call-handling system that paves the way for Next Generation 911.

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Imperial Valley, CA Outlines Path to PSAP Regionalization with MCP Study

The Imperial Valley Communications Authority and the San Diego County Regional Communications System teamed with MCP to investigate whether PSAP regionalization would help them achieve operational and staffing efficiencies.

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Butler County, PA Maximizes the Value of its Land Mobile Radio System with MCP’s Guidance

Working alongside MCP, a Butler County, PA public safety organization was able reduce it’s system implementation costs while boosting the coverage and capacity capabilities of it’s land mobile radio system.

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Florida County Gains Real-Time 911 Network Visibility with MCP’s Co-Managed IT Platform

Lee County, FL Department of Public Safety 911 officials gain 24/7 visibility into their 911 network with one, simple-to-use platform that helps ensure their network is functioning at a high level of reliability.

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Cobb County, GA Drives Radio System Vendor Service Excellence with MCP’s Support

Working with MCP, Cobb County radio system officials were able to reduce the annual maintenance expenses associated with the P25 radio network as well as achieve more in terms in support for less.

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MCP Helps Fort Myers PSAP Resolve a 911 Staffing Crisis

After completing a staffing assessment and by embracing the concept of workforce optimization, the Fort Myers 911 Center was able to solve its staffing issues and improve operations and performance.

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