MCP Publishes Best-Practices Book on Designing and Constructing Public Safety Facilities

August 28th, 2018

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (August 27, 2018)—Today, Mission Critical Partners (MCP), a leading consulting and lifecycle management services firm in the public safety systems and operations field announced the availability of “Expert Advice to Guide Your Facility Project,” its new book that draws on the firm’s experience in helping to design more than 50 public safety facilities since its inception nearly a decade ago.

A project to build an emergency communications facility is no small undertaking. The decisions that are made will impact the agency and its community for at least 20 years or more. Consequently, a great deal of thought needs to be put into sizing, purposing and equipping the facility, according to Kevin Murray, MCP’s chief executive officer.

“This book offers guidance to leaders who are spearheading these projects and breaks down nearly every phase of the process—providing best practices and considerations that will minimize risk and simplify complexity,” Murray said.

Numerous MCP subject-matter experts provided their expertise to this industry-exclusive book that explores the operational and technology requirements of developing a mission-critical facility. At more than 100 pages, it discusses everything that public safety agencies need to know to help them make smarter decisions regarding facility design, construction and technology integration. It also offers tips for ensuring a smooth transition of emergency operations and staff to the new facility when it comes online.

“It was our hope with this project that we would make the entire process less mystifying for our clients, as well as demonstrate the value we bring to the facility design process based on the hard lessons we’ve learned over our collective careers,” said Brian Bark, MCP senior vice president.

The book is divided into three sections that correspond to the essential aspects of building, renovating or expanding a mission-critical emergency communications/emergency operations facility: Process, Space and Systems.

  • The Process section examines key planning considerations, including concept development, program management, fiscal aspects, facility design and programming, migration to the new facility and decommissioning the legacy facility.
  • The Space section delves into important aspects such as site selection, facility size, space utilization and physical security.
  • The System section explores the technology that will support the facility, from communications systems—e.g., telephony, land mobile radio, computer-aided dispatch, audiovisual and geographic information/mapping—to power supplies to environmental systems to workstation furniture.

While the book is informative, it is not intended to serve as a blueprint for every mission-critical facility, according to Len Kowalski, MCP senior vice president. The reality is that the needs of every community across the United States are unique, as are the management priorities and policies of every public safety agency. This makes developing a one-size-fits-all strategy for creating a mission-critical facility all but impossible.

Instead, MCP’s intent in creating this book was to present content that enables the unique characteristics of each agency to be incorporated into a flexible outcome and more importantly, helps agency officials make better-informed decisions.

“This book will prepare the reader for the planning and design process, which is quite complex,” Kowalski said. “The end result will be a mission-critical facility that will serve the community—and the first responders who protect them—for decades to come.”

MCP clients can request a copy of the book on the firm’s website,

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