Next Gen 911: A Mission Critical Transformation for Today’s 911 System

January 2nd, 2018

Posted In: Next Generation 911 Networks

Today’s 911 Technology Requires Modernization

Next Gen 911 is a standards-based, all-Internet Protocol (IP) emergency communications infrastructure enabling voice and multimedia 911 communications, and the sharing of this information with field responders and emergency managers. Today, access to 911 is limited for most to a voice call; in contract, NG911 will enable the ability to transmit photos, videos, and other existing and future forms of broadband-enabled data, in addition to voice, to 911 professionals. Implementation of NG911 will:

  • increase compatibility with emerging communications technologies
  • enhance the flexibility, reliability and survivability of 911 systems during major disasters
  • improve emergency response for the public and first responders
  • and reduce the overall cost of operating the 911 system.

Failing to act in a timely manner to initiate the NG911 transition will not prolong deployment, but increase costs, risk incompatibility with emerging communications trends, increase security risks for the 911 system, and create missed opportunities for improved emergency response.

A coordinated Next Gen 911 approach is best

This whitepaper outlines what state and local 911 leaders should make their first priority when it comes to Next Gen 911 implementation, and discusses the key aspects of any Next Gen 911 Strategic Plan in order to guide a successful, coordinated transition to Next Gen 911.

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