MCP Helps San Francisco Define a Strategy for an Advanced Call-Handling Solution

April 13th, 2018

Posted In: Consulting, Network 9-1-1, Next Generation 911 Networks

Client Success Story: 911 Call-Handling System Procurement and Implementation Support

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The Challenge:

The city of San Franscisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) sought a robust, modern call-handling system that would support its 42 call-taking positions. A second requirement was a path to a National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i3-compliant system and meeting public safety standards for performance and reliability. They looked for a partner that could provide guidance defining requirements, as well as during the procurement and implementation process.

The Solution:

The San Francisco DEM partnered with Mission Critical Partners to provide technology procurement guidance and implementation support. MCP helped San Francisco build a strong foundation of requirements before issuing a request for proposal (RFP) by extensively engaging a large team of stakeholders to define what was most desirable from a new system.

“MCP’s guidance during the procurement stage was invaluable. Their familiarity working with 911 call-handling system vendors and their knowledge of the newest technology and vendors available played an essential role helping us feel more comfortable with the requirements-gathering and RFP process,” said Jun Chen, PMO manager, city and county of San Francisco.

MCP helped the agency build a strong RFP that included use cases, detailed specifications and stakeholder input, and led them through the RFP process. Once the new call-handling system was selected, the team completed a vigorous testing process as well as implementation support in the form of support and oversight during the cut-over process. In the meantime, the agency’s leadership was empowered to stay focused on maintaining their daily operations while MCP ensured a seamless procurement and implementation process.

The Results:

The San Francisco DEM cut-over to the new call-handling system in November 2016, and since them, has witnessed improved 911 call-answering times. While this cannot be directly attributed to the new system, it’s a contributing factor. MCP played a key role in helping them define a sound strategy and a strategic vision for deploying a call-handling solution that builds a strong foundation for transitioning to Next Generation 911.