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In 2016, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency completed a new, ultramodern statewide EOC that dramatically enhances its response capabilities, and boasts fully-redundant and resilient power, water, HVAC, and telecommunications, completed under budget. Read More.
The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management implemented a resilient, feature-rich, and flexible 911 call-handling platform that empowered their mission and built a strong foundation for transitioning to NG911 with MCP's guidance. Read More.
The Southeastern PA Regional Task Force's (SEPARTF's) automatic license plate reader program makes the region a safer place, and arms first responders with critical data that plays a key role in criminal investigations. Read More.


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Every milestone counts...50 years of 911

50 years ago, a life-changing connection was made. With that, relief was felt throughout communities and critical situations became more manageable. The following is a quick look at how 911 came to be more than 50 years ago. Download.

NG911 Technology Adoption Curve

How will the evolution of Next Generation 911 play out in public safety communications? A commonly-known theory is applied to the 911 sector to show how. Download.


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Pilot Project Offers Insight into Using Social Media Data for Emergency Response

In a recent post, MCP Insights chatted with Dr. Andrea Tapia, associate professor of information sciences and technology at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) in State College, about the impact socia… Read More.

[Interview] The Impact Social Media is Having on the Public Safety Community

As people change how they communicate, 911 must change too. Recently MCP Insights chatted with Dr. Andrea Tapia, associate professor of information sciences and technology at Pennsylvania State Univer… Read More.

Leveraging Social Media Data in Charleston County, SC

Recent history has shown that, when 911 becomes overwhelmed, citizens turn to social media in an effort to have their pleas for help heard. Last fall, Texans trapped in homes flooded by Hurricane Harv… Read More.

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