How to Navigate the Complexities of Vendor Management in Today’s Public Safety Environment

March 20th, 2019

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Whitepaper: How to Navigate the Complexities of Vendor Management in Today’s Public Safety Environment

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Public safety vendor management has become increasingly challenging for agencies over time. It used to be much easier for public safety agencies to manage it’s vendors. A decade and a half ago, service agreements were simple and easy to understand, limited in scope, usually dealing on with device repair and some onsite technician support. And they generally only involved the radio, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), and 911 call-handling systems. Today, the typical agency is dealing with vendors of the following systems:

  • Records management
  • Data storage
  • Video surveillance
  • Automatic vehicle location
  • Gunshot location
  • Geographic information
  • Automatic license plate reader
  • Voice and data logging and recording

The picture is much different today. Learn strategies to improve your public safety vendor management strategy with this whitepaper.

Today’s average public safety agency has more than 30 public safety vendor agreements to manage. Service and support is typically provided by impersonal network operations centers, help desks or service depots. Similarly, agreements have also become more difficult to understand, given their size and complexity. The result is often confusion and a disconnect between what the agency and the vendor are expecting from the relationship.

The approach to developing effective public safety¬†vendor management agreements has at its core three fundamental, intertwined components. This whitepaper contains strategies to help agencies navigate the complexities associated with today’s increasingly complicated vendor environment. It provides tips for stronger vendor agreements in three key areas:

  • Building the agreement
  • Managing vendor accountability
  • And negotiating the agency’s position.

Navigating the vendor management process is challenging and unnerving. But strategies exist that will result in effective service and support agreements and enhanced ability of public safety agencies to hold vendors accountable to them.

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