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Safeguarding mission-critical infrastructure from cyber risk

As 911 call centers switch from an analog to a digital call-handling and processing environment, they face an increased risk of cyber attack. Eighty percent of public safety answering points (PSAPs) are small centers with inadequate cyber infrastructure. Generally, agencies don’t fully understand their risk and have limited ability to pinpoint where potential danger lies. This is nearly impossible unless they have an up-to-date, accurate inventory of their dynamic infrastructure and are conducting periodic security assessments and updates on their ever-changing public safety network.

At MCP, we apply years of first-hand experience with 911 and emergency response systems with wide-ranging cyber risk prevention expertise to help agencies identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to secure their networks.

MCP's cyber security support helps clients:

  • Help clients maintain an accurate picture of their infrastructure that is essential step to understanding their cyber risk
  • Identify and analyze vulnerabilities effectively
  • Have greater confidence in the security and documentation surrounding their 911 infrastructure
  • Safeguard against threats that could disable or interrupt their ability to serve their community

Cyber security services include:

  • Network discovery 
  • Enterprise IT assessments
  • Network security assessments
  • Physical security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Network support assessments

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