SEPARTF Automatic License Plate Reader Program

November 11th, 2016

Posted In: Facility & Operations Planning


BACKGROUND: The Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force (SEPARTF) is tasked with ensuring the safety of millions of residents living in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.

CHALLENGE: SEPARTF received UASI grant monies to implement an Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Program to support the region’s public safety agencies. Deploying an ALPR Program is a complex undertaking–it’s success depends on many factors such as server implementation for massive data amounts, hotlist data integration and updates, first responder training and more. SEPARTF knew that they needed a partner capable of turning its vision into a reality. They looked to MCP for guidance.

SOLUTION: MCP acted as a program manager for the initiative and led the deployment for 130 ALPR tag reading units throughout the region. They also helped

  • Transfer server software to a high-security, CJIS-compliant data center
  • Build a sound data collection and maintenance process that disseminates clean data to in-vehicle laptops
  • Integration of key hot lists into the ALPR cloud
  • Database configuration that delivers more than 6 million records daily

KEY RESULT: With MCP’s commitment and expertise, SEPARTF deployed a successful ALPR Program that scans more than 41 million tags annually. Since June 2015, law enforcement has

  • Recovered more than $2.3 million in value of stolen vehicles
  • Detected and arrested more than 21 wanted criminals hiding in plain sight
  • Arrested four Megan’s Law offenders

It has played a key role in criminal investigations across the region and has played a transformative role in helping them carry out their mission.

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