Memphis Police Department, Tennessee

June 4th, 2015

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memphisCLIENT: Memphis Police Department, Tennessee

SERVICES PROVIDED: Video Systems Technology Implementation

CHALLENGE: Memphis, with a population of over 672,000, is the largest city and the second largest metropolitan area in the state of Tennessee. The Memphis Police Department (PD) has over 2500 officers deployed between two districts. Dispatching the closest properly equipped units to incidents in the minimum amount of time is paramount to the safety of the citizens of Memphis.

The Memphis PD desired to install mobile video cameras in its vehicles and issue body-worn video cameras to its patrol officers in order to enhance situational awareness, generate court-admissible evidence that would aid criminal prosecutions, protect officers against false accusations, and reduce citizen complaints.

The department also sought to implement a new automatic vehicle location (AVL) system to help speed emergency response and ensure the appropriate personnel and apparatus are dispatched to emergency scenes, largely by improving the ability of 9-1-1 telecommunicators to identify the closest-available unit to the incident.

SOLUTION: The Memphis PD requested the services of Mission Critical Partners, Inc., (MCP) to facilitate and manage the project. MCP is assisting the department with system selection and procurement. In addition, MCP is ensuring that the camera systems have adequate storage and backhaul capabilities, and will integrate well with the computer-aided dispatch and records management systems utilized by the department.

KEY RESULT: MCP is working with the Memphis PD team to create the Request for Proposals (RFP) for AVL and in-car video that will be compatible with the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system currently be utilized by the Memphis PD Communications Division.

Upon completion, the project will result in the installation of mobile video cameras in 900 vehicles in the department’s fleet, and the issuance of body-worn cameras to all patrol officers. In addition, the AVL system will be installed in all vehicles used by patrol officers and supervisors.

Deputy Chief Jim Harvey
Memphis Police Department

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