Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

May 25th, 2015

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GloucesterCLIENT: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Department of Emergency Services

SERVICE PROVIDED: 9-1-1 Technology and Operations Consultative Support

CHALLENGE: Allegheny County, home to the city of Pittsburgh and 129 other municipalities, is the second most populous county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Over a two-year period, the County consolidated all 9-1-1 call taking into one primary PSAP that handles a call load in excess of 1.5 million annually from its consolidated location. Additionally, as a member of Region 13, a group made up of 13 counties and the City of Pittsburgh, and in anticipation of future shared service capability enabled by a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Emergency Services IP network (ESInet), the County is seeking to identify efficiencies in future technology and operations improvements through shared resources with other PSAPs.

SOLUTION: In their adoption of an attitude of Continuous Quality Improvement, and in tandem with their vision to be recognized as a model of excellence, the Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services (DES) has retained Mission Critical Partners, Inc. (MCP) to review certain aspects of the 911 Communications Division and provide insight related to identified operational and technological challenges. Through ESInet sharing capabilities, where possible with neighboring counties and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, MCP will work with the County to promote situational awareness, disaster recovery, continuity of government, and response through improved interoperability.

A telecommunications network optimization review will be performed to identify opportunities for cost savings and operational improvement. Secondly, MCP will conduct an operational/work flow efficiency review that includes:

  • Call Intake Process
  • Current Operational Configuration
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Staffing
  • Supervision
  • Training and Quality Assurance

KEY RESULT: MCP will provide the Allegheny County with 9-1-1 technical and operational expertise to continue advancing the capabilities of their 9-1-1 program. The data produced through this project will assist stakeholders in the planning of Next Generation 9-1-1 activities and integration into the statewide ESInet.

Chief Alvin Henderson
Allegheny County Department of Public Safety

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