NG911: A New World for PSAP Network Maintenance and Management

May 1st, 2018

Posted In: Lifecycle Management Services

Bringing Modern Technology to Today’s PSAP Requires a New Approach for 911 Network Management

Public safety agencies are implementing Internet Protocol (IP)-based, broadband systems, called next generation 911 (NG911), that will enable communications simply not possible with legacy narrowband 911 systems. While the impacts of this transition will improve the way in which emergency response is delivered, public 911 network management becomes considerably more complicated after an NG911 system has been implemented.

Change 1: Management of, and accountability for, a NG911 system will be owned by the 911 authority instead of the telco.

Change 2: The PSAP bears responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of its GIS data and its compliance with NENA’s NG911 standards.

Change 3: NG911 environments are far more susceptible to cyber attacks from inside and outside the PSAP.

This whitepaper from Mission Critical Partners discusses the steps 911 authorities and their PSAPs need to take to watch over their systems in a next-generation environment, and how much more effort and expertise is required to keep NG911 networks and systems stable, performing as designed, and secure.

Download the whitepaper.